Thank You

Thank you for visiting my site. I started this site because of the numerous pick up requests on Novelupdates forum and the pleading comments I saw when translators dropped novels.

Probably wasn’t such a good idea as it was more than I could handle haha. Got a few volunteers to join in and now the dream is alive.

Might have started the site due to indignation ( I could argue that it is was righteous indignation haha) but it is bringing lots of smiles to readers already and this is just early days.

You can help too, to keep my little charity project alive and growing by any of the following

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  • Donate on Patreon or Paypal (No amount is too small)
  • You can also volunteer to help with the site: as editors/proofreaders.

The goal is to make the site self-sustainable so we can keep churning out translated chapters for you readers.