Release Schedule

Main Project: 4 or more chapters per month

Side Project: Less than 4 chapters per month. We are open to other groups picking up side projects. Just let us know so we can release any chapters we are working on

We will also release teaser chapters every month for new series and depending on feedback(page views) it can be promoted to a side project or main project.

If you have a novel with raws easily accessible that you want us to consider doing a teaser for, send us the details. Do include the raw link.

  • Sean M

    4? Ummm that would mean in would take like 15 years to finish this story? What is the point? Like I’m happy you are translating but it almost seems trivial as the story will never be completed

    • It is only a tentative schedule but so far we are increasing the number of chapters released per month and this site is less than 6 months old.
      I think we are doing pretty well although I can understand your frustration.

      • Sean M

        You might also want to look into the amount of ads and redirects on your site. It’s a very painful process to navigate around on mobile.

        • We removed some ads. Also there are no longer video ads on mobile
          I am guessing you are referring to Emperor of the Cosmos, we will try to increase the chapters to 8 per month

  • Ann

    Hi I’m new to this site, but I see that you’ve recently started translating Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances, and I was just wondering if this was a teaser or a main project? I really like this novel and was really sad when the previous translator dropped it. Thanks!

    • Currently a teaser project but we will know in a few days if it will become a main project.
      You can help by sharing the book on social networks

  • Nikolas Kuo Janto

    Hi wujigege, thanks for translating all these novels, i personally like 3 novel that you currently translating
    1. Emperor of Cosmos
    2. Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants
    3. 999 lv Villager

    Currently i wondering could you pls tell me which are novels that you translate are main projects and which are side projects, just for me to adjust my expectation.


    • Reincarnated Into Werewolf is the Main Project from all three
      Emperor of the Cosmos is a side project
      Lv 999 Villager considered a teaser project