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Officially recruiting editors. Current editors are unavailable for work and school reasons. Contact me via


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LV999 Villager transferred to Zenith Novels


Spoke to the owner of Zenith novels and the novel will be going back to them and hopefully get faster releases.

I wish them all the best

Prizes For Readers

Thinking of giving prizes to readers and I am stumped. The only two that comes to mind is Steam gift card and Crunchyroll Membership

Any suggestion is welcome

Release Schedule

Main Project: 4 or more chapters per month

Side Project: Less than 4 chapters per month. We are open to other groups picking up side projects. Just let us know so we can release any chapters we are working on

We will also release teaser chapters every month for new series and depending on feedback(page views) it can be promoted to a side project or main project.

If you have a novel with raws easily accessible that you want us to consider doing a teaser for, send us the details. Do include the raw link.

Rating Translation Quality

At the bottom of every post you will notice a star rating system.

Just like this:

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This will help us to improve our translations


Cleaning Up Links

We are going to be cleaning up the links for already posted chapters as we try a new format.

We are doing this in a bid to make the site easier to navigate.

The new system will be started with The Girl Who Ate A Death God


Chapters not Showing up on Novelupdates

We are not sure of the reason ourselves but have been adding chapters manually the past week. We hope to hear back from NU staff and find out what can be done.


Another Update on Evil God Average

The previous translator is going to continue the series. With so many dropped series, there are enough series to go around. We will look for another Japanese series that readers want to read and translate it.

Thanks for all your comments and support

Update: Evil God Average

Didn’t see any chapters for a year so we translated, but the former translator has picked it up again it seems.  We will place this on hold until we hear something back.

Here is the note from this previous translator:

You can thank Xiaoxiao Novels for reminding me that I still had work to do… and stuff to publish.

Novel Pick Up Requests

Have a novel you want us to translate? Leave a comment below and we will consider it

For novels we are considering have a look here

Priority List

Chinese List

Korean List

Japanese List


Note: We won’t be translating Qidian novels

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